The DIL Advanced Research Team aims upon development and optimization of production processes with a focus on:

  • High pressure treatment
  • Extrusion of snacks as well as plant protein meat analoga and protein snacks
  • Continuous high pressure processing
  • Shockwave processing
  • Light technologies for surface decontamination
  • Food irradiation



ELEA is a DIL spin-off and market leader for supply of Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) systems for food and bio-processing. With a team of R&D and engineering experts we work on:

  • Electroporation for fruit and vegetable structure modification
  • Cutting improvement and yield increase for potato and other tubers or roots
  • Extraction, infusion and peeling improvement for plant products
  • Low-heat preservation of fruit and vegetable juices and heat sensitive liquids


University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück

In master and bachelor projects typically feasibility studies, proof of principle tests or market surveys are performed. Industry sectors range from meat and dairy, cereal products to juice and confectionary. I am one of the initiators of the new bachelor program "Bioprocess Engineering" as well as the master program "Food and Bioprocess Engineering". 

  • Bachelor and master projects
  • Internships
  • Expert opinions and reports